Remnants of a lost god

The Boat Ride

During the boat ride through the woods a younger girl, Jill, was discovered ill and allegedly a poisoned herb was given to the family from Tanith. The herb was meant to keep the child sick. The Herbs administration has since been halted and Jill appears to be on the mend.
The boat ride it self came to a late end as the boat ran a ground and the crew was found dead. Most of the goods were left behind as a rival organization arrived to lay claim to them. Claiming to be opposed to the People of the black blood, a Lycanthrope cult the group drove off the party allowing the civilians to leave, though the party did make off with a bolt of unknown cloth and two of the civilians each have one of the swords found bellow deck. Pheras was drawn to a site of religious importance when attempting to bide time for the civilians to slip away.
This site hosted a pool of water, with seemingly limited healing properties, and a pillar of crystal which prevented any violent actions. Bellow the site was a long abandoned sanctuary where one child’s remains and a small bag of misshapen marbles were found.
Some werewolves were found in the upper chamber the next morning unconscious. One of the men was of the werewolves from the previous day and was found dead outside the cave upon exiting, after having attempted to seal you in. The next night Lycanthropy overcame … And she proceeded to kill to civilians and infect two members of the party. The other two members were able to remove the affliction from them selves using remove disease. And the party has arrived at the Hills Edge temple of Kelemvor to see about tending to there comrade still afflicted.
But will the red wizards thriving enclave prove disruptive to there efforts in this city?

Scornubel day 1

The city was attacked by a group of creatures allegedly assisted by the guards. When the attackers were deterred someone was seen casting a spell and an elder dracolitch was noticed entering town. Though the town’s prisoner krill was released, his actions led to the destruction of the undead green dragon, and saved the cities inhabitants who would not have been able to flee fast enough to outrun the dragon. Following the events krill made his escape through the streets and out of town, and the party has moved to the swimming duck.

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